LeadSoC Advantage in End to End VLSI Design Services

  • FPGAs, ASICs and SoCs are being increasingly used to implement cutting edge solutions for multiple markets
  • Telecom, Automotive, IOT, specialized Healthcare appliances, gateways, router leverage these solutions extensively
  • LeadSoC advantage addresses all 3Ps of SoC Design Requirements=> Lower Price, Lower Power and Higher Performance
  • LeadSoC is one stop solution to address all facets of VLSI Design =>Digital frontend & backend, Analog Design & Layout, Memory Design & Layout etc.
  • LeadSoC has strong track record of successful VLSI design services to the leading OEM’s, ODM’s and chipmakers
  • LeadSoC VLSI advantage is boosted by in-house VLSI Training with Labs to groom talent.